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Our sERvices


Memoir Writing

Do you want to leave a legacy? Is it important to you? Would it be valuable to you if those closest to you – your children, grandchildren, other relatives and friends – knew who you were, what you did in life, knew your story? Writing your memoirs – or even an anecdote or short story of your experiences – can be a step in the right direction. We can help you with this. We can help you get started, structure your piece of writing, and take your project to completion. Then, you will have an opportunity to pass on to your loved ones your interesting, true-life stories that can inspire them. You will have a key piece of your legacy to share!

Book Editing

Have you authored a book? Or even part of a book, as a rough draft or manuscript? We can review your manuscript and will provide you with a sample of our editing work – free of charge. Then, with your agreement, we can edit the project to your criteria and specifications. The editing can be as simple as line editing, or it could involve developmental, substantive, comprehensive or content editing. A fully edited book will be ready to publish.

Website Content

When you need to have content for your website, we have the skills to either help you overcome “writer’s block” or do the writing for you. We will do the necessary research and write content to meet your needs, then edit it as required. We will make sure that the writing we produce for you is what you want and need.

Magazine Articles

If you are a magazine editor and need a writer to prepare articles to publish, we can provide that service. With experience authoring articles for the Bluffton/Hilton Head Monthly and South magazines, we will tackle assignments involving background research, interview key contacts, and have well-written copy ready in a timely fashion for publication.


If you want to write a blog and post it, we can make the job a breeze for you, taking care of anything and everything in the process. We will research the topic, prepare copy, edit it, and proofread it. We are thorough, exact, and will provide what you need.


When the copy has been written and edited, and the next step is submission, it is time to go over it one last time to make sure it is error-free. Proofreading is the process of reviewing a document to note any errors for correction. We will proofread your copy to make sure it is in great shape for publication.